What is Coding at WonderEd?

WonderEd is the perfect choice for your pre-schooler who loves to tinker and wants to learn about the world. With no screen time needed, we introduce coding concepts and fundamentals with easy to use activities.

WonderEd's Approach

Through a new kind of STEAM curriculum designed for the 21st century, WonderEd unleashes children's innate abilities for critical thinking, creative problem solving and collaboration.

Technology & science education that helps kids grow into original thinkers and develop a sense of purpose.


We help kids develop the holistic skills, attitudes & mindsets fromthe OECD Learning Compass 2030.


Our learning experiences are aligned to concepts in K12 CS Framework, Next Generation Science Standards.


We create awareness of & inspire action towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

No Screen Coding

Built for Learning

Tough and Wipeable

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